4 to 6 Years Old

Children 4 to 6 years old would be able to participate in the following studies:

Mini-figs This is a very short study. Kids are given a Duplo or Lego mini-fig and asked to play with it or build something for it. They will receive a Duplo/Lego prize as a thank you. Please contact fulcherlab@gmail.com to make an appointment.


Superhero – This study takes about fifteen minutes, and it also occurs in our lab at Washington and Lee University. Participants listenĀ a superhero book, and then they get to play with action figures in a mini town, acting out situations where the superhero action figures get to save the day. Participants receive a small toy prize as a thank you for helping us out, and parents are welcome to observe!

Check out the flyer for the Superhero study here!

We’ll be running this study through the summer into the fall semester. Please contact us at fulcherlab@gmail.com to make an appointment. Thanks again for your participation!

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